Charlotte LawsHomeownership is a centuries-old aspiration.

Homeownership is rooted in tradition and deep-set family values. The intense emotion associated with buying a home is still one of life’s greatest enjoyments, experienced tenfold when that purchase is made for the first time.

With heightened feelings come affordability concerns.

Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of buying for the first time:

• The down payment isn’t everything.

Closing costs and future expenses come with any property so be sure you can afford more than just the amount you’ll be putting down for a home. Experts suggest having 1-3% of the purchase price in savings to cover any additional fees, improvements or unexpected expenses that may arise.

• Expect the best, plan for less.

Mortgage specialists recommend holding at least 6 mortgage payments in the bank in case of job loss or other unforeseen circumstances.

• Devise a short-term plan for home improvement.

For starters, work with the seller or builder to determine repairs and improvements; a thorough inspection will help this process along. Once you know the cost of repairs and improvements, you can budget the necessary funds many months in advance.

Work with Charlotte Laws of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services to determine the best and most financially friendly way to achieve your homeownership dreams.

Home Inspection

A home inspection will tell you the things that must be done to keep a home safe and code-compliant. An objective inspection provides a buyer with a clearer understanding of the home’s condition and true value. It gives sellers an important checklist of things to fix before the sale.

Whether buying or selling, Charlotte Laws can help you through the home inspection process. She handles inspections of all types – from older properties to newly built homes.

Expect Charlotte to:

• Know reliable inspectors to perform a thorough examination of the property.
• Share and analyze all inspection reports with you.
• Insist on an “inspection clause” in your contract describing any damages or defects found.

Remember, a home inspection is a crucial step toward finalizing your real estate transaction and full comprehension of inspection results is essential. Charlotte Laws of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services will close the gap between a home’s unknowns and its proper repairs, speeding you on your way to your purchase or sale.

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